• EPDM is found in a wide range of application and is excellent for outdoor use. it maintains its flexiblity at low temperatures, and is well known for its resistance against ozone, weathering and ageing.

  • EPDM gaskets are the most tested and widely used sealing technique, reliable sealing of media over a long period of time, it has also outstanding sealing properties in extreme weather conditions and excellent temperature stability (–40° to +150°C) in cold climate.

If compared to gaskets made from other materials, EPDM gaskets are extremely resistant to wear, ageing, weather influences, ozone and UV-light.

PPC is fully equipped to cater to all the Gaskets profiles required by Doors, Windows, or customized high rise Curtain walls.



While the scope of industrial and commercial applications for weatherstripping is limited, it is an essential product to many industries. Weatherstripping functions primarily as a door and window insulator. Specifically, it fills gaps between the moving parts of doors and windows and their fixtures. In the automotive industry, weatherstripping for car doors, windows, trunks and hoods is vital. In construction industry, particularly in geographical areas where cold weather is a consideration for residential builders and maintenance professionals, weatherstripping is becoming an increasingly important part of energy-efficient climate control.

PPC also manufactures weatherstrips for Auto industry, may it be solid or cellular sponge profiles.


  • Physical Properties:

    Hardness Range(shore A)
    25° - 90°
    Physical Strength
    Compression Set
    Tear & Abrasion Resistance
    Very Good
    Permeablity to Gases
    Very low
    Ozone and UV Resistance
    Electrical Strength


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